Huffy Green Machine : Super Sleek & Super Fast

Published: 15th November 2009
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Green is the new black. The future of sidewalk spin-outs and crazy hair-pin turns has arrived with the new and improved Huffy Green Machine. As well as the standard Green Machine, there is also a H2O version which is blue in color and comes complete with water tank and blaster so you can soak your friends as you ride by and now so the girlies don't get left out there is a Pink (Green) Machine.

Originally invented in 1975, today's Huffy Green Machine is based upon the original 3 wheeled machine with updates and modifications while still keeping the cool, retro look. Bringing you a sleek ride light years ahead of its time the Green Machine is a tough, sturdy, durable and above all - a very cool ride. Take a spin in the mean, green riding machine - it's the most fun you'll have on 3 wheels.

Manufactured with a steel construction the Huffy Green Machine is built for today's kids . The seat which can accommodate kids from 6 years upwards, easily adjusts and the Machine can hold up to 180 pounds - that means Mom or Dad can ride it (not that you'd even think of letting them).

With up front dual control joysticks for the rear wheel steering and brakes, the Huffy Green Machine is simple to operate. The twenty inch front rubber tire offers brilliant traction and the front hand brake makes for certain stopping power. With platform, resin pedals on a steel crank shaft, extra wide rear wheels, super sized chrome exhausts plus a orange flag for safety, the Huffy Green Machine is packed full of features for a smooth, safe ride.

Your little rider will be the hit of the neighborhood when he takes a spin on this lean, green riding machine! The Huffy Green Machine is a safe, sleek and stable trike with low profile design for a fast and fun ride. Now, all those spin outs are fun but please remember to keep safe and wear a helmet.

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